Rossmere’s Ethos and Values Rossmere Primary School

Rossmere’s mission statement is

‘Reach High at Rossmere!’

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School Values:










Our vision statement is that Rossmere Primary School will:

  • Provide a high quality learning environment suitable for the 21st Century where all children reach their full potential within a safe and secure environment
  • Reach high academic standards
  • Ensure children develop core skills effectively
  • Develop children who are resilient, independent learners, open to change, have excellent Thinking Skills and work together collaboratively and reflectively
  • Help children to face problems and challenges with open minds armed with a variety of tried and tested skills and strategies
  • Ensure all children are ICT literate and have excellent communication skills through a variety of means and media
  • Provide a rich and varied curriculum suitable to the children’s stages of development and life experiences
  • Increase children’s life experiences and widen their horizons
  • Encourage children to have high personal goals and aspirations
  • Ensure the children have high self esteem and respect themselves, others and the local and global environment
  • Be at the Centre of the Community encouraging and supporting parents and carers
  • Ensure the school is fully inclusive and promotes tolerance and understanding
  • Ensure children’s creativity is fostered to the full
  • Provide the environment that promotes healthy lifestyle choices