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Rossmere Primary School 

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The government has given every primary school in the country funding to help develop competitive sport and improve the provision of Physical Education in school. The government are determined to secure a lasting legacy from the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics and have pledged to secure the School Sports funding until 2016.

At Rossmere Primary School we believe sport plays a crucial role contributing to the health and well-being of our children. We also believe that Sporting excellence helps improve academic success while promoting confidence, self-esteem and team work.

Long term aims:

  • To increase children’s active participation in sport
  • To improve children’s level of fitness
  • To encourage a love of sport for all children
  • To provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all children
  • To provide a wider variety of sporting activities for all children
  • To increase after school sporting clubs and activities
  • To increase participation in town wide competitive sport.

Funding Rossmere Primary School received the following funding:

Breakdown of Funding
Funding DateFunding AmountSports EquipmentService Level AgreementCoachesTraining CostsMiscellaneous
Summer 2017£3,885Sports EquipmentManor Academy (Sports Package), Hartlepool Junior Schools FA (Subscription)Footy Tots, Manor Community Academy, Year 3 Swimming, HUFC Coach, In-house Afterschool Club Football Coaching.
Spring 2017£2331.24Sports EquipmentManor Academy (Sports Package), Hartlepool Junior Schools FA (Subscription)Skipping Coach, Tennis Coach, HUFC Coach, Staff member delivering afterschool Club activity
Autumn 2016£3108.32Sports EquipmentManor Academy (Sports Package), Hartlepool Junior Schools FA (Subscription)HUFC Coach, Staff member delivering afterschool club activity
Summer 2016£3885.40Sports equipmentManor Academy (Sports Package), Hartlepool Junior Schools FA (Subscription)HUFC Coach, Staff member delivering afterschool club activity
Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016£5,440PE kits, Basket ball postsManor Academy (Sports Package), Primary Teaching Services (Subscription)HUFC Coach
Summer 2015£3,865Sports equipmentManor Academy (Sports Package)HUFC Coach
Summer 2014 - Spring 2015£9,275Sports equipmentManor Academy (Sports package)HUFC CoachSupply StaffTransport (Sporting events)
Summer 2013 - Spring 2014£10,038PE kits, Sports equipmentPrimary Sport Programme, Continental Sports LTDSkipping Coach, HUFC Coach, Tennis Coach

Provision 2013-16   We have bought into Manor Academy’s PE agreement for local primary schools, which has been used to bring PE and sports specialist teachers and coaches in to work with class teachers during PE lessons. In this way, our children are gaining new skills and experiences and teachers are learning new techniques and knowledge to aid them in teaching sport and PE. Our aim is to provide high quality lessons and improve children’s learning in PE. In addition, we aim to get more participation in sport within and outside school hours.

We have also used the funding to strengthen and improve provision for sport in the following ways:-

  • To pay for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport
  • To provide cover to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport.
  • To attend sport competitions and increase pupils’ participation in school games.
  • To provide places for pupils on after school sports clubs.
  • To purchase new PE equipment
  • To purchase sports kits for new after school clubs.
  • To support and engage the least active children through new/additional Change4Life sports and health clubs.

We also have specialist sports coaches working in school with the children. So far:

  • Year 6 have received basket ball coaching; across country coaching
  • Year 5 have received specialised coaching within rugby and athletics
  • Both key stages haveparticipate in Sports Week at Manor Academy (beginning of July)
  • Liam Nobbs from Hartlepool United works an after school football and multi-sports for both key stages
  • Swimming for Year 3
  • Year 4 received lessons in archery for the first 6 weeks of the Autumn Term 2015
  • Year 4  are currently preparing for their skipping festival and have received coaching from an outside agency Summer Term 2016


After School Clubs

Rossmere is keen to provide a range of extra-curricular clubs for pupils throughout the year. The majority of these clubs are run by our teaching staff.

We currently run a variety of after school clubs.  Please click here to see out autumn timetable.

We try to cater for all our children’s needs and so ask the children which clubs they would like to see included during the year; we also monitor participation and check uptake against gender and free school meals.

Historically we have entered numerous cluster and town competitions, including: tag rugby (Year 5), tennis (Year 3), cross country (Year 5/6), basketball (Year 5/6) and skipping (Year 4).

Previously we have been very successful in both tennis and cross country.  Year 3 won the tennis tournament and will be attending the second round soon.  Three children progressed through to the town competition for cross country and one child progressed through to the county as he came second in the town competition.

Through our wide range of activities and the PE curriculum we hope to engage and inspire all children to participate in sport.


Through monitoring and the evaluation of physical education we are able to see an increase of pupils accessing more activities.  Motivation from pupils can be seen through our entries into competitions, higher results and pupils team spirit.  Sport is now a key part of school life.

Please click here to see a breakdown over the academic years of pupils accessing sports provisions.


To ensure sustainability the school:

  • employs 2 sports coaches
  • have 2 experienced PE Subject Leaders
  • CPD (Continual Professional Development) for teachers to ensure staff can deliver high quality PE lessons
  • fundamental skills in place across the school
  • equipment and resources purchased will last for 5 years before needing to be replaced under a budgeted replacement scheme