School Uniform

Uniform / Dress Code

As a school, we encourage children to be smart and well presented at all times. This helps to develop a sense of pride in themselves and in Rossmere School. Please can I also remind you of school rules relating to jewellery, make-up and hair styles. These rules have been in place for several years but have not been enforced in recent times. However, as part of the drive to raise standards at Rossmere and to reinforce a strong sense of school identity and pride the governors and staff have agreed to reinstate these rules. Please can I confirm the school uniform for September is as follows:


  • Red sweatshirt/jumper, ideally with the Rossmere Primary School  logo
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey school trousers or shorts during summer
  • Sensible, practical black footwear

School Uniform Additional Information

  • No nail varnish or make up please.
  • Jewellery – A wrist watch and stud earrings are allowed to be worn in school. Children who come to school with earrings other then studs, will be requested to remove them. Should they not be able to be removed, parents will then be contacted. As a health and safety precaution, teachers and school staff are not allowed to remove earrings. The child or parent/carer is responsible for this.
  • Haircuts – Please ensure your child has an appropriate hairstyle. Examples of hairstyles that the school does not allow include:   Brightly coloured or dyed hair;    Mohican or Mohawk haircuts;  Haircuts with excessive patterning


  • Red sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan, ideally with the Rossmere School logo
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey skirt/pinafore/trousers.
  • Red and white checked dress
  • Sensible, practical black footwear

Indoor PE Kit

  • White T Shirt / Polo Shirt
  • Blue Shorts
  • Gym Shoes                                                                                                        (It is particularly important that children have a change of footwear to take part in PE)

PE Additional Information

  • Children should always have access to their PE kit at any point during the school week, not just for days when their class has an allocated PE time.
  • PE kits are to remain in school and be taken home to be washed at the end of each half term.
  • All children will be expected to take part in PE, unless a parental note is provided to state otherwise.
  • Spare PE kits have been purchased for each class

Outdoor PE Kit

  • Jogging bottoms
  • Tracksuit top,
  • sweatshirt or jumper
  • Trainers

Forest School

A spare set of old clothing in school, wellies  and a coat

Your child’s class teacher will confirm what/if any additional clothing is required.

Recycling School Uniform

Rossmere Primary school and

The Children’s Hub have a range of

good quality clothing in different sizes/colours available for families.

Donations of Recyclable Uniform

Please bring recyclable items of school uniform to the

main reception at Rossmere Primary School for recycling

or click here for the Hartlepool Borough Council – Free Recycling

web page for more information.

All uniform must be in good condition for recycling purposes.

To download our order form for school uniform please click here.